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  • A huge map of a cursed summer camp of a catholic school called Eagle Junior High School.
  • Sister Madeline is a very smart & creepy possessed nun. She is constantly chasing you with her infamous hammer.
  • Many chapters, escape routes & puzzles to complete.
  • Craft different items with the help of the lost children to face the evil nun.
  • Minigames & more!

“This game is fantastic! it gives you enough to be scared and continuously concerned and jumpy, but is also very enjoyable and replayable.” – Feeder Junior


Avoid Sister Madeline! A nun who punishes children with her gigantic hammer. You will have to escape from the school at all costs, although along the way you will discover that you are not the only child trapped. Don’t get surprised when Sister Madeline follows you into hard to reach places.


You have been selected to participate in a religious summer camp that promises to be the ideal place to make friends and spend the summer. As soon as you arrive at this place, you realize that it is a hoax. You are locked in a dilapidated school guarded by an evil nun.


Your main goal is to gather all the mask pieces and put them together. But be careful, to accomplish your mission you will need to solve many puzzles & mysteries around this horrifying school. What’s the true story behind the Evil Nun?

6 chapters 3 escape routes and lots of mysteries!

Discover what’s hidden behind each door of this uncanny school. Plus, a frightening story that will leave you breathless! The clues are all set. Make your own way out of the school, but don’t forget there are quite a few things to do before you leave Eagle Junior High School. Different difficulty levels, minigames and riddles await you. Do you dare?

this is evil nun!

One of the most popular horror titles with almost a 100 million downloads comes completely redesigned with new puzzles, scenes and graphics that will make you live a horror adventure like never before. Content creators are thrilled with this horror game.

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