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frequently asked questions

What does the game include?

The game consists of six chapters, the laundry area and the Epic Escape. All this content will let you explore all the areas of the school and let you interact with all the characters as well as give you the opportunity to mess around with Sister Madeline and Philippa in creative ways. Did someone say flamethrower?

What is the estimated play time on a normal playthrough?

10 to 15 hours is the estimated play time in normal difficulty for the main content. Additional challenges, content and difficulty related achievements may of course increase the play time!

My game runs slow. What can I do to play with better performance?

Check that you have a dedicated graphic card and its drivers updated. If it still runs slow, go to settings in the menu, put the lower resolution scale and set all the video quality settings to Low. Then check if now you can play.

How do I report bugs or give feedback? 

You can send us bugs and feedback to support@keplerians.com. You can also do it in our official Discord Server.

I would like to know if there will be any more global updates?

Right now we can say the game is finished. We intend to update or add new content in the future, but for now we need to keep promoting the game to invest more in it.

Can I play this game on other platforms?

Yes, you can now play Evil Nun: The Broken Mask on Play Station 4 and 5, Xbox and Switch!

Will this game be released for mobile?

This game is inspired by our mobile game Evil Nun. Since this is a game for PC and consoles, its setup and scale are not compatible for mobile devices. We encourage you to take a look on Google Play and the App Store if you’re thinking of delving into the Evil Nun universe from your mobile device.

full game roadmap

Bunker to access 6 Chapters

The bunker is the way you will get access to the 6 chapters of the game.
You just need to place the magic cup in the device and you will start a new chapter full of new puzles, locations and more!

Many weapons

Chapters will unlock amazing weapons needed to solve puzles. But not only for that, weapons can be used to defeat Sister Madeline and other characters.

All of them are designed according to the atmosphere of the game. Definitely you will have a lot of fun playing with them!


Many locations

Chapters unlock new areas of the school.

You will be able to visit the church, the gym of the school, the laundry… all of them full of details and realism.

More characters

You will meet new characters as you progress through the game.
Do you recognise those blue hands? Did you hear some children crying near the garage? Where are these characters?

Plenty of Achievements

The early access version has already many achievements, but many more will be coming each update, and they will give you reasons to play the game more and more.

Did you realise that some achievements turn on candles next to the bunker?

A very deep lore to discover

Evil Nun is inspired by real facts, so It has a well-defined history as base.

Those real facts, combined with an amazing narrative and years of work writing it (more defined as we were explaining the story in our games) makes this lore very interesting to discover and you will want to know more about it.


Succesful Mobile game

Evil Nun has more than 60 milion Downloads in Google Play + App Store. Hundreds of content creators have already played it with milion of views in their videos. Just search by yourself in Youtube!

An experienced team behind

Keplerians has already 14 horror games with > 350 Milion download in mobile platforms, and Carlos Coronado 5 PC and console multi awarded games. 2 of them Horror genre too! That will assure a great horror game experience.

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